Types Of Student Housing

Student Housing Choices in San Bernardino, CA

Finding the ideal place to live in college can be challenging. With so many housing options out there, it helps to understand the pros and cons of each one. This guide developed by The Glen can help you learn more about the numerous dorms, houses, condos and rooms for rent in San Bernardino, CA.

On-Campus CSUSB Dorms

Living in on-campus CSUSB housing means you’ll be staying in dorms, which comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Dorm living offers the traditional college experience, and it’s become almost a rite of passage for freshmen. You’ll be paired with a roommate in the dorms, who may become your close friend or remain just a casual acquaintance, depending on how well you get along. Living in a dorm means you’re located a short walk or bike ride from class, campus eateries, sports venues and the library, so you won’t have to stress over a long commute. Living on campus also provides you with the opportunity to regularly meet and interact with other students living in the dorms. Just be careful not to throw a raging party in your dorm suite, as the university has rules about such things that you must obey unless you want to be kicked out.


Apartments in San Bernardino are popular choice for students who want to live off campus. Compared to rental houses, they are typically cheaper and require less maintenance. Most apartments have management services that make repairs and keep the complex well-maintained. Some apartments also host social functions, where you can make friends with other tenants. An upscale San Bernardino apartment even offers a few amenities like swimming pools and computer labs, so you can relax and study all from the comfort of your complex. If you own a pet, some landlords won’t allow them at all, and the ones that do frequently charge extra fees and deposits. You can also end up with annoying neighbors who crank loud music into the wee hours or create other disturbances.

Rental Houses

Renting a house is ideal if you need maximum space and freedom. You can live with more friends than in apartments and condos, and you’ll get more privacy and storage areas. Many houses also have lawns, which are great for grilling outdoors and playing fetch with Fido, but they can be a real drag to maintain if your landlord doesn’t offer landscaping. Your landlord might also require you to do your own minor repairs and take care of maintenance tasks like changing A/C filters and light bulbs. This responsibility can cost you both time and money. But on the upside, you can throw big parties and invite lots of friends as long as things don’t get so crazy your neighbors call the cops!

Condos & Townhouses

Townhomes and condos are often more spacious than apartments, but usually not quite as expansive as houses. Like an off campusapartment for rent, condos and townhomes tend to boast communal facilities, like pools and clubhouses that residents can enjoy. Depending on the layout, your townhouse may share a wall with one or more neighbors, so you might be inconvenienced by your neighbor’s noise levels or other activities. Having more space is great, but keep in mind, you’ll responsible for cleaning a larger area and have to pay higher utility bills to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter.

Luxury Apartments

One of the newer housing options to emerge in recent years is luxury student apartments, and for those looking for high-end living, these complexes are sure to be your No. 1 choice. Many luxury apartments are located a short distance from campus, so you also have a shorter commute to and from the university and can quickly swing back by your unit for lunch or a nap when you have some spare time between classes. What’s more, these properties offer ultra-cool amenities and perks, such as having utilities included, spacious porches and balconies, premium cable TV and high-speed wifi Internet as well as units that come fully furnished. Luxury rooms for rent near CSUSB, like The Glen, provide the ideal living option for students who have busy schedules but still want to thoroughly enjoy themselves during their free time. Management provides maintenance and lawn care, so you don’t have to waste your weekends getting your hands dirty.

Luxury San Bernardino Apartments

When considering housing options around CSUSB, be sure to keep The Glen at the top of your list. We offer resort-style living, many student conveniences as well as numerous luxury amenities. Contact our office today to schedule a tour and reserve a unit for your next semester.

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